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Paris Pink Bra Toss Makes A Global Push



If Kathryn Kemp-Griffin has her way, women around the world will be tossing their bras next month — not in protest, but as a gesture of solidarity in the battle against breast cancer.

The Pink Bra Toss, one of the liveliest annual events in …

Calvin Klein’s New Video Campaign Spans Many Generations of Women



There is some powerful lineage on display in the new underwear campaign from Calvin Klein, which is a kind of intergenerational tribute to strong women and, in many cases, their enviable artistic DNA.

The new video series to promote CK’s women’s range includes …

Victoria’s Secret’s ‘What Is Sexy’ List Is An Indefensible Affront to All Women



It’s hard to comprehend what’s going on at Victoria’s Secret these days.

After dumping its swimwear line and its apparel offerings and its popular mail-order catalogue last year, the lingerie superbrand now looks like it’s trying to get rid of its customers too.

The latest …

Not Your Average Easter Bunny



You see a lot of bunny-themed promotions in the lingerie industry at this time of year — whether it’s because of the indisputable cuteness of the little critters or their association with fertility and friskiness, you be the judge.

But this new photo campaign from …

Dodging Controversy and Comparisons, Saucy Aussie Trendsetter Lands in U.S.



Is America ready for Honey Birdette?

The aggressively erotic — and controversial — Australian lingerie brand established a beachhead in the U.S. last weekend with the launch of its American online shop … and hints of retail store openings to come.

The move was …

The Icon of Aging Pleasurably



When People magazine decided to profile Pamela Anderson’s recent photoshoot for Coco De Mer this week, its article began like this:

“Pamela Anderson still has her Baywatch body at 49…”

As if that’s what we wanted to know most. As if that’s the most …

April Foolishness: Can You Spot The Fake Lingerie News Stories In This List?



If you fondle knickers for a living, it helps to have a sense of humour. Which may explain why April Fools Day always brings out a few pranksters from all those otherwise serious folks who work for lingerie and underwear companies.

Who can forget last …

NYC Filming Bylaw Would Put an End to Those Sexy Lingerie Street Shoots



A proposed change to New York City’s location filming rules could mean an end to lingerie promotions and magazine editorials that show models walking around the city in their underwear.

The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) announced Friday that an overhaul of the …

Blush Creates a Dreamy Retro World



How does a lingerie brand come up with a memorable way to make its products stand out, especially when they’re selling something as basic as pink panties?

For Blush Lingerie, the family-owned Montreal company with a ton of European design signatures in its brand …

What to Wear in the Garden of Eden



Beautifully Undressed has carved out a nice little niche for itself in the online lingerie marketplace with a carefully curated selection of luxury brands and a commitment to creating vivid content like its new project ‘Eden’.

The Garden-of-Eden themed campaign includes a colourful lookbook …

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